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Towelmate: Products & Services

Wishing for that convenient place to cache your essentials while on the beach?  And have you xperienced losing, stepping on or drenching expensive smart devices at the gym as well?  Towelmate is dedicated to making towels tailored to specific activities.  They also specialize in accessories combined with great design, intuitive features and functions; all created with the idea of making people’s lives better - and a little more germ free which is definitely a win-win situation.

What makes towels from Towelmate unique is it has the following characteristics.

  1. Hidden Zippered Storage Pocket
  2. Labeled Compartments
  3. Germ Shield Technology
  4. Dual Sided Design
  5. Integrated Sport Strap

See their omnibus of products below.

Towelmate: Company Background

Towelmate started with two friends, Jon Margalit and Ricky Aladort, who had always wanted to be in business together.  They arrived to the idea of creating beautiful, high-quality gym or beach towel that had waterproof pockets for your stuff and a layer of protection between you and that big, sweaty guy who was your predecessor on the weight bench.  Moreover, these towels are made perfectly for those beach bums and gym rats.

Towelmate: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Generally, reviews for products from Towelmate earned high scores from online reviews.  Feedbacks also entails that the customers are more than satisfied with the products purchased from Towelmate.

For TowelMate Fitness Towel with Germ Shield, Amazon gave 5 out of 5 stars based on 9 reviews.  Here are some of what they have to say.

"I stumbled upon this when looking for a gym bag. I must say it makes an excellent compliment. The liner compartment has sub compartments labeled: keys, phone, and wallet, all sealed by velcro. I didn't have to search for where the heck my keys are when moving from station to station." - blahblahblah 

Trial Run:  I left the zipper compartment open, kept my iphone in the designated liner pocket with the music playing through my headphones and laid the towel over the stair stepper machine. Sweated like a salamander all over the "Skin" labeled side and wiped the rails with the "Gym" labeled side.

Pros:  Plush, organized towel.

Cons:  Didn't see washing instructions. I will wash it with the rest of the towels. If it gets messed up I will come back to bash. If no update assume all is well.

"Another great product from Towelmate! I hate going to the gym, but dragging around my phone, keys, debit card, headphones, etc. just makes it even worse! Now I have at least one less excuse! The pockets are great, but really, the best part is the gym/skin sides. I don't feel so yucky after leaving the gym now, no more "germy feeling"! The hook to hang it on the equipment is also a nice touch! This is a great product at a great price! If you work out, you need this!" - flipoutmama

As for TowelMate: Germ Protection Pocket Fitness Towel, it earned 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 28 reviews.  See some testimonials below.

"The Towelmate is the best product I've used since working out. It makes going to the gym easy and convenient. What a GREAT towel!!!!" - Annette

"I can't tell you how many times I've lost my keys at the gym, only to realize I left it on the treadmill. With the zipper pocket, I can bring my phone, keys and wallet with me and never worry about losing my valuables again. I don't have to carry a giant bag with me or using those gross lockers. I love my Towelmate." - Ricky 

Towelmate: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Towelmate is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (like some companies, they might not have sought for accreditation).  It has been in the business for a pretty long time.  Products from Towelmate have been featured in a number of Press releases.  For the recent Towelmate Fans, see them below.

  • Blake Lively
  • Halle Berry
  • Tori Spelling
  • Rachel Bilson
  • Julius Erving - NBA Hall of Famer
  • Ed Reed - NFL Superbowl Champion
  • Ed "Too Tall" Jones - NFL Hall of Famer
  • James Lofton - NFL Hall of Famer
  • Jonathan Ogden - NFL Superbowl Champion
  • Andre Reed - Seven Time Pro Bowler
Towelmate: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Based on Alexa traffic rankings Towelmate is #245,705.  Visitors to the site spend about 36 seconds on each pageview and a total of seventeen minutes on the site during each visit.  Search engines refer about 2% of visits to the site.  Almost all visitors to Towelmate come from the US, where it has attained a traffic rank of 48,148. The site has a relatively good traffic rank in the city of San Diego (#5,420).  It has 129 sites linked to it.  

Based on StatShow, it has daily pageviews and visitors of 4,273 and 1,942 respectively.

The site has a Google Page Rank of 4. 


Towelmate: Social Media Presence

Towelmate also involves in social media networks. The entity has a blog, Facebook profile, Twitter page and a videos posted in Youtube.


To know some tips to stay fit, you may check out their blog.


The Facebook page of Towelmate has 2K likes and a number of posts from Towelmate.  Most of the posts are pertaining to their advocacy towards wellness and health.


The Twitter page of Towelmate, though not as popular as their Facebook page, shows total followers of 610 with 688 tweets as of this writing.


To view videos presenting their products, you may visit their page in Youtube.

Towelmate: Website Security & Safety

Towelmate is a verified Authorize.Net merchant.  With Authorize.Net, they are committed to providing its merchant customers with the highest level of transaction processing security, safeguarding customer information and combating fraud. More merchants trust Authorize.Net than any other payment gateway to process their ecommerce transactions securely.

Towelmate has a 90% trust rating from webutation.  Webutation also indicates that the website has no annoying popups and is safe for child browsing.  However, it has not provided Wikipedia Trust Links.

In addition, the website of Towelmate is not listed as suspicious.  No malicious software were discovered in the pages tested by Google.

Towelmate: Pricing & Packages

Since products sold in Towelmate are not just ordinary, it is expected that the price would be a little higer than those typical merchandise.  See below for some of their selected products together with the price.

  • Fitness Towel with Germ Shield - $25
  • Golf Towel with Germ Shield - $25
  • Yoga Mate - $80
  • Ultimate Beach Towel - $45
  • Ultimate Beach Towel for Kids - $38
  • Car Seat Cover - $20
  • Handlebar Covers - $8
Towelmate: Shipping Rates & Policies
Below are the important notes with regards to shipping.
  • Your order will be filled as promptly as possible (please allow between 7-10 business days for most orders). Towelmate will notify you as soon as possible of any delays. Orders placed on Friday after 12pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) will be shipping Monday morning.
  • All Towelmate orders are shipped via USPS and can take up to 7-10 business days.
  • All shipping charges are calculated in the shopping cart according to weight.
Towelmate: Payment Methods Accepted

Choosing the best payment method for you is vital when it comes to online purchases. Towelmate provides a number of payment options for its customers, namely:

1. Credit Cards - This is the most common method of making online payments. The business accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover cards.
2. PayPal - this is the most famous online payment processor. Convenience and security are some of the main features if you choose this method.

Towelmate: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Due to health laws, Towelmate cannot accept returns on products that have been opened. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact Towelmate within 7 days of receiving the package. Make sure to obtain your Return Authorization Number by emailing Customer Service department at, or calling 1-855-869-3568.  They will not be able to process any returns without this number. All returns must be in perfect condition and unopened. All costs related to return shipping are paid by the customer.

You may ship your return as soon as you have received your Return Authorization Number (see above). For your protection, please send all returns via a traceable carrier and in a well-padded box or envelope. Towelmate cannot be responsible for returns that are lost or damaged during return shipping. All costs related to return shipping are paid by the customer.

Return Authorization Number. In order to issue your Return Authorization Number, Towelmate will need the following information: 
1. Your email, telephone number and/or fax.
2. The item number & description of the merchandise being returned/exchanged.
3. The original invoice number (found at the top of your receipt).

Your Return Authorization Number and the address of where to return the item(s) will be issued via email. (Or by phone or fax if necessary)

Towelmate: Product images & screenshots
Towelmate Coupons
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